Industries Plagued by Asbestos Exposure

The use of asbestos in construction projects and factory work puts more people at risk of exposure than most people realize and the majority of those exposed to asbestos never realize that it is in the air. If you think that asbestos exposure is limited to those who work on construction sites and in factories, think again. Even office workers may be exposed to asbestos particles regardless of whether they work in older or newer buildings. Asbestos is only harmful if it is inhaled, meaning that materials containing trace amounts of the mineral must be disturbed in order to release the dust into the air, but most people are unaware of which products contain asbestos and may inhale it without knowing.

Construction Work

Construction workers consistently encounter products that contain asbestos and unless they are equipped with protective masks, they may inhale significant amounts of the fibers. Even if a construction worker does not directly handle materials that contain asbestos, other workers may contaminate the air and expose every other worker on the project. Over time, asbestos exposure can cause health concerns in construction workers such as lung cancer or other respiratory illnesses. Read more about mesothelioma in the construction industry here.


Asbestos is found in many materials that are used to produce cars, building materials, textiles and other consumer goods. Some of the actual products being produced may contain trace amounts of asbestos and drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles and flooring contain asbestos which is kicked into the air by the vibrations of machines in manufacturing plants. Many factory workers develop mesothelioma or asbestosis as a result of years of exposure to asbestos. Most workers never realize that they have inhaled the substance. form more information about the exposure of the manufacturing industry to asbestos look here.

Emergency Workers

Many of the people tasked with protecting us from harm put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis. Police officers, firefighters and EMTs must enter contaminated environments and may inhale asbestos if they are required to enter damaged or condemned buildings. Asbestos fibers may even follow these workers home via their clothing or hair and expose their families.  Emergency workers, such as firefighters can learn more about asbestos in their industry by looking here.


Mineshafts are full of dust that contains trace amounts of many elements found underground and asbestos is found naturally underground. There is a significant presence of asbestos particles in most mines and miners are often never made aware of the risk. Many miners’ deaths have been linked to prolonged asbestos exposure. Read more about miner exposure to asbestos here.


Naval vessels built during World War II incorporated asbestos into the design of almost every part of each ship because of its ability to contain and prevent fires. Any military personnel that boarded a naval vessel came into contact with asbestos as a result and a number of veterans have been diagnosed with asbestosis or mesothelioma years later. When the navy discovered the link between asbestos and the deaths of veterans, it banned the use of most asbestos products on new naval vessels, but phasing out the old parts has been a long project that is still underway. Military vets and families and read about the latest developments here.

Office Work

Even those who go to work in an office building are at risk of asbestos exposure because of the presence of asbestos in ceiling tiles, insulation, drywall and flooring. Most buildings are not routinely inspected for the presence of asbestos in the air and workers may suffer from respiratory problems later on in life as a result. Asbestos is even found in schools, despite the belief that schools removed all asbestos products from their premises and teachers and students may be at risk if products that contain asbestos begin to degrade.

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